Forum Announcement: Forum Rules
Welcome to the LibreEMS forums This is the primary user forum for the LibreEMS project, (which is a fork from the FreeEMS project).

1. One account per person, signing up for more than one account is grounds for banning of all of your accounts.
2. User account cannot use "LibreEMS" or similar in the name. Doing so will result in IMMEDIATE account deletion. Doing that only serves to show you're trying to be manipulative to the rest of the users, by portraying to be someone who you are not.
3. Don't be mean/manipulative/dishonest, doing so is grounds for permanent banning.
4. No trolling, or picking of fights (see rule 2)
5. If you don't have anything productive to add to a thread/conversation, then don't, it is probably going to get deleted due to it's lack of value to the conversation. Nobody likes to read through endless "me too's".
6. Be collaborative, not confrontational. This is a community, if you can't or won't play along by these simple rules, then we probably don't want you here (see rule 2)
7. New users will be moderated for a short period of time to make sure you aren't a spambot.
8. These forums are subject to editing for content/accuracy, when/if edits are made, a best effort will be made to ensure a note will be added noting the edit or content change made and by whom.