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LibreEMS v0.4.0 Public Release
Hi folks,

The LibreEMS team is pleased to announce it's first public release in a long time (please remember that engineering has been driven by folks with full time jobs). Please note the following commit message:

[Initial Public Release]

Special Thanks To:

Andy Goss - HWE
Mike Carpenter - SWE
Justin Barrera - Test
Dave Andruczyk - SWE / Admin
Sean Keys - SWE

This commit marks the initial release of LibreEMS firmware. As most FOSS out there, this release is a work in progress. This is a major improvement over where this project started a couple years ago. Some of the new features include:
  * 36 output channels for fuel and ignition
  * Single config file
  * GPIO with complex logic
  * Flex-fuel support
  * Mass-air support 
  * 7 generic frequency input channels 
  * Staged injection
  * 20,000+ RPM limit on many decoders
  * High speed CAN support via XGate
  * 360x Nissan CAS and GM LT1 Support
  * Single config file
  * Acceleration enrichment

 There is work left to do, especially:
  * Code cleanup, modern C techniques have not replaced some hackish code.
  * Migrate engine configs from several installs done in 2014
  * Cleanup and refine unit tests

Checkout the code here, we continue to maintain a community that operates with an "innovate and iterate" attitude.


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