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inlet valve modeling\warmup corrections
Hentai Wrote:Revisiting this thread.  I was thinking about inlet valve temp, somehow GM models this and uses in their ecu's
I was looking at a map related to it for fueling and I bet you this one way they get around startup and having cold engine parts

It makes sense in my mind looking at IVT vs Pressure  If you set your clt enrcihement so you are pretty much stoich everywhere in the CLT 2d map than you notice when you initial turn the car on you get lean spots trying to rev up until after a small amount time has passed, 20-30 seconds.  I think GM figured out modeling the IVT and was able to correct based off this temp model.  You can see as the temp of the Inlet valve warms up the need for corrections is no longer there.  

Also posted is injector temp vs time since startup.  Somehow they figured a model to fix temp effecting fuel at startup to bring in extra needed inj pw until fuel is stable enough to go back down to normal pw

[Image: RfYN9KU.png]

[Image: seo3ll1.png]


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