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Advanced engine load control strategies
Hentai Wrote:Fred is pissing me off so I have to post this

I know several manufactures don't just go open loop or add fuel because MAP = 100 kpa
And if you think about it just because map = 100 kpa doesn't mean that between two of the same engines with different mods they are breathing the same amount of air, on emight consume more air and put out a better VE ( mass efficeny? )

On my ms2\extra I used TPS for commanded fuel ( afrtarget map ) instead of map because I hated wasting extra gas just because I went into boost.  I had no real way of properly controlling spark timing so I left it at MAP load and ran it conservative where it didn't knock at either 1 or .8 lambda.

On various manufactures some have fueling based on modeled EGT
others use TPS to determine when to go richer \ modeling cat temp
I've seen some use lambda as a mutipler for their timing table to add more timing as the fuel is increased from stoichmetric to .8 lambda or more.
[Image: IhmqQSQ.png]
I also seen it where temp will dicated how much fueling to add. 0c at WOT being .9 lambda and 40c at WOT being .75 lambda, etc
[Image: kbEXbWv.png]

Of course if you had a cylinder pressure sensor than you could easily find where the ign needs to be at durning the different operating conditions but thats costly.  around 7k+ usd last I checked.

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