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Displaying multiplexed fields.

There are now 5 general purpose capture inputs to the firmware and I have them rotating though the log data stream. How hard would it be to create more fields so that all of the channels are shown? In this video you can see the channel number bouncing around as EMStudio happily displays the instant data. Maybe we can use the "flags" field in the JSON descriptor, to denote a mux'd set of fields?


I suppose it would be more difficult to handle this in EMSlogView? Interested to hear your thoughts.


I went ahead to simply sending the whole array of capture data, with each log packet.

I think that having an index field, and then "indexable" fields would be the way to go, but this also requires more flags in the datalog json file that EMSTune gets from the ECU.

Each datalog variable would need several new things:
"isIndex" flag, which indicates it is an index variable.
"indexChild" integer, which would indicate which index it is tied to

Then you could have an index variable which increments, depending on which data is available in a particular datalog packet. Does that make sense?

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