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New Low-Cost Hardware Available
We are pleased to announce a new LibreEMS compatible hardware offe[Image: star.gif]ring, the BasicECU. Don't let the word basic or the price tag fool you, it's packed with features and I/O.



Feature Comparison Table:

If interested ping the author directly via or reply to this post.
Basic Ecu seems like a nice board.
Can it run this bike:
2 cillinder 90 degree.
2 ignition coils.
2 injectors.(high impedance)
1 VR sensor on cam 48-2.
1 TPS sensor
1 CHT sensor
1 IAT sensor
1 AAP sensor
1 Relay for power to fuelpump, injectors,ignition.
1 Tacho meter.
1 lambda sensor, wideband

AAP sensor is at the airfilter, outside the board.
There is no MAP sensor.
Ignition coils are dumb ones at the moment.
Have to switch to elektronic ones or use the BIP373, I guess.
Don't need a connector, all ready have a casing with connector.
Do I need some kind of interface or is an USB cable enough ?
Do I need (buy) software to run this ?
What size is it ?

And now the biggest question:
How much including shipping to The Netherlands ?

LibreEMS is what you can call a synchronized injection system, which is a step above your typical sequential injection system. You specify and optimize all injection and signal sampling angles, which has turned out to be a god send, for bike engines.

Okay, so far seems fine.

Still left with some questions :
Do I need (buy) software to run this ?
What size is it ?

And now the biggest question:
How much including shipping to The Netherlands ?

The software is open source, so there is no software to buy.

Check out for more information on the CoolEFI Basic ECU.

It is 80mm x 100mm x 13mm with the connector.  I can leave the connector unsoldered if you want to use the PCB with a factory housing.

Shipping to The Netherlands is $27.00 USD which includes tracking information and delivery within 6-10 business days.

This is a new product that I am awaiting the production of the PCB, so there will be a 2-3 week lead time before I receive the PCBs to start building them for shipment.
Count me in on A CooEFI Basic /ECU.
Including ADC protection and analog power supply.
But without connector.

Did want to make an account on CoolEFI store but somehow this didn't work.
Sorry about the website not allowing you to create an account, I'm looking into what happened to it.
I'll update this thread as soon as I get it fixed. Smile
Ok, I have fixed the registration module, you are now able to register for an account on

Thank you for letting me know it didn't work Smile

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