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Ducati ST2 PNP
Hi there,
Guess I am the first one this.
Want to build a pnp for a Ducati st2 engine by using the Basic Ecu
Somehow trhis engine found its destination in a Cagiva Elephant.
Didn't do this myself, I bought it as a project bike.
Did gain some expirience in transforming a carburated bike to EFI ( megasquirt 2). 
Totally other bike.
Don't expect much trouble on the hardware.
Firmware / software thats a totaly different thing and my biggest problem.

Used a Fiat ecu for parts.
Used the housing and terminal dumped the internals.
Made a mountig plate for Basic Ecu pcb.
Going to use 2x BIP373 for the 2 dumb coils
Did put them also on the mounting plate.
Thats it for now.

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Looks pretty sweet! Let us know if you need a custom decoder. The Hayabusa decoder needed some special callbacks to get the crank/cam sync working with factory inputs.

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