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Outputs CPU Don't work ?
I have a basic ECU and running some test.
Using this Firmware:
2016-11-16 19:33

And the Ardustim with the right  wheel code.
In Emstudio I get the right rpm's (1000 rpm) on screen.
LSD4, fuelpump
LSD1, fanswitch 1
LSD2, fanswitch 2
Those outputs seem to work as expected.

But IGN1, IGN2, INJ1 and INJ2 don't work as expected.
I connected leds to them and setup for +/_ 20 mA.

IGN1 and IGN2 are setup for 5Vdc.
The connected leds stay on and don't switch on/off as they should do.
Also measured R44 and R45 witch stay at 0Vdc to ground.

INJ1 and INJ2.
The connected leds stay on but in a dim glowing way.
At first I tought this might happen because of the light load (leds 20mA).
But no switching on to full power.
Also measured R61 and R57 witch stay at 0Vdc to ground.

Looks like there are no outputs switching on in the controller.
Did I miss some setting/ soldering bridge somewhere ?
Please post your config file.
(01-18-2017, 11:20 AM)seank Wrote: Please post your config file.

I am sorry no clue where to find my config settings. Blush
So I attach attach a few printscreens.

Strange thing is I see fuelpump and the 2 fans outputs working, but nothing on injectors and ignition.
There is also no signal (5Vdc) to the injector and ignition drivers.
Seeing the numerik data there should be something happening.

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Ping your hardware vendor for that information.
(01-23-2017, 08:54 PM)seank Wrote: Ping your hardware vendor for that information.
Did see your video, do you run this on a Linux or Windows machine ?

Mine is windows and if I click the wizards tab , no sub menu.
Stil running a different emstudio version and not a emstune version, some mixup in names according to malcom 2037

You changed your engine from R1 to a Hayabusa ?
Linux on x64. Haha, yeah he changed the name a while back IIRC. I still get them mixed up, now and then.

Yeah, the Hayabusa engine seems to be far more popular for "car" applications. Yamaha is definitely second, but they change their designs so much that a serious aftermarket never really develops, or if it does it's 4x the cost over the Suzuki (albeit being 'less' refined).
Outputs seem to work Big Grin
Used Seans R1 firmware to test.
Ignition outputs are tested with a scope and dwell seems to be spot on.
Only trouble where the injector outputs.
Used the latest EMstudio firmware and the output test function.
Outputtest function does look wierd but worked for my injector testing channels 8,9,11,12

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