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F16 Respin
I'm gathering information/TODOs for a re-spin of the F16 board. So far we have the following:

  * Remove jumper blocks for low-side drivers, since GPIO can be mixed with precision outputs  - SeanK
  * Revise power supplies - AbeFM
  * Replace CMC80 connector with AMPSeal  - AbeFM
  * Add 6-8 amp H-Bridge driver for DWB  -  AbeFM
  * Revise CAN phy  -  AbeFM
  * Remove stand-by circuits  - SeanK
  * Tie PWM controls to low-side drivers and eliminate jumper blocks  - SeanK
  * Remove jumper blocks for high-side drivers - SeanK
  * Add 2x MAX9926 chips for a total of 4  - SeanK
  * New layout - AbeFM

What else are we forgetting guys?
I'd like to get some dimensions for the ECU case from the razor this is supposed to fit in. While I'm at it, I'll make sure it fits int he Miata one (there's a positively huge market, most raced vehicle in the world.... And come up with a case. Hoping to avoid daughter/interface cards, but it'll get more obvious when we start looking at things.

If nothing else, lay the ECU half shells onto a flatbed scanner with a ruler and hit "go". :-)

Also - I didn't read the forum rules so I'm just going to say frack and see if I get banned.
Do you think making threads for each task on here is overkill? Certainly makes it easy to share info, keep logs, etc... But I don't know how the GitLab tools are either.
I'll add the tasks, the reason for this post was to allow folks to pitch in requests etc.

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