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VVT standalone controller
Hello everyone. I must confess I am a complete newb and expect to need substantial assistance to bring my idea to fruition. I'm hoping that what I want to do is comparatively simple to that which you folks have already been able to accomplish with LibreEMS that you think it's a bit of a laugh.

Here's what I want to do; Build a standalone variable valve timing controller that works in parallel with my factory ECU, which will allow me to control my exhaust cams.

Why? I'm replacing the motor in my 2003 Maxima (VQ35DE) with a 2013 motor. My factory ECU is capable of running the motor (with a couple minor modifications) but EVT was added to these motors in 2009 and I would like to take advantage for done extra top end power. I am able to flash my ECU to adjust fuel and timing and want to retain as much of the stock features as possible with minimal wiring.

Rather than just thinking of myself, I'd like to build something that would have broad applications. So 5 trigger inputs, 4 PWM outputs, an input capable of engine load (probably MAP, is MAF necessary for the application?), and some additional analog inputs/outputs for whatever your heart desires. 

So from what I've read so far, the capability to do this exists in the firmware but I'd like to build a single piece of hardware to do so. Obviously no coil or injector drivers are required.

Please prompt me in a useful direction, like I said I'm a newb but I'm capable of learning and intend to see this through. Thanks in advance! Please relocate thread if this is deemed to be in the wrong location.

My personal application has a crank trigger of 10 -2, 10 -2, 10 -2 which I need to keep. My exhaust cams have 3 tabs each. I attached the crank and intake cam trigger patterns, haven't found an EVT trigger log.

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